Know Your Insurance Payer Mix: 5 Reasons to Predict The Future

Everyone wants to know the future, especially when it comes to forecasting revenue for your behavioral health agency.  You can try complicated revenue projection models or business analytics tools, but there is a far simpler way to help you maintain a firm grasp on your agency’s future. Know your payer mix! I know it sounds […]

Center for Family and Child Enrichment will use TenEleven EHR

(Buffalo, NY) The Center for Family and Child Enrichment (CFCE) is truly a community based organization, providing a wide array of human services for families and children of Miami-Dade County in South Florida for over 35 years.  In order to maintain their high quality of service, CFCE has chosen the TenEleven Group to implement electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) for […]

Treatment Plan Management | 5 Steps for Successful Treatment Planning

The administrative burden placed on Behavioral Health agencies that accept Medicaid or commercial insurance payments is substantial.  You are being asked to document everything, and it can seem overwhelming and cumbersome.  But the penalties for missing your Treatment Planning requirements are real, and they’re harsh. First, consider how a Medicaid audit works.  Medicaid comes to audit a […]

Technology as a Second Language: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Like most others, I took English in elementary school. It wasn’t that hard, after all I had been practicing for quite a while. In high school, I tried a little French. Not as easy, but I got through it. In social work school, they were ready to teach me a new language as well. It […]