The Top 4 Reasons to Measure Payment Write-offs Every Day

Merriam-Webster defines a “write-off” as follows: 1. To eliminate (an asset) from the books: enter as a loss or expense. When an insurance company pays you less than you expected for a service, do you really believe that you should have incurred a loss? Do you believe the service your agency provided is any less of an asset? […]

TenEleven to implement EHR for Metropolitan Center for Mental Health

(Buffalo, NY) Metropolitan Center for Mental Health (MCMH) is underway implementing TenEleven Group’s electronic Clinical Record (eCR™).  MCMH is converting all 3 service locations in Manhattan from completely paper charts into 170 users of eCR™ for scheduling, billing, and clinical documentation. TenEleven began MCMH’s implementation, as they do all customers, with a consultative discussion about what the agency’s […]

Trauma Informed Care Influences Service Delivery and Staff Retention

I was first exposed to the notion of Trauma Informed/Trauma Sensitive agency cultures in 2006 by Sandra Bloom, the creator of the Sanctuary Model. Her words and books about the Sanctuary model completely changed the way I looked at mental health programs and the challenge of fighting burnout and staff turnover. Eleven years later, it’s […]

5 Steps to Manage Waste | Measure Appointments Against Progress Notes

Your outpatient agency works hard.  You work hard to promote your services to the community.  You work hard to convince those who need help to seek it out.  You work hard to break down the stigmas so that those who need mental health or substance abuse treatment will call you, and more importantly, continue to […]

Clinical Director David Godon, LCSWR, joins TenEleven Group

TenEleven is proud to welcome David Gordon to the team as our new Clinical Director.  David comes to TenEleven with over 25 years of experience overseeing clinical operations in the mental health field.  His experience includes supervising programs including: Mental Health Clinic, Day Treatment Program, and Residential Treatment Facility. In addition to his management roles, […]

Billers Can’t Be Shy with Contractual Charges vs Contractual Payments

There’s no time to be bashful when your job is to bill claims on behalf of a behavioral health agency. To ensure your agency is getting paid for all the services you’re providing it is imperative that you’re willing to pick up the phone and make a call.  But before you can start making calls, […]