3 important Behavioral Health Information Technolgoy (BHIT) deadlines

If you are an Adult HCBS provider in New York State and you want to take advantage of EHR incentives offered by the New York State Behavioral Health Information Technology (BHIT) program, there are three very important deadlines approaching that you need to be working towards. Whether you are applying for Full Implementation Service, Partial Implementation […]

Essex County Mental Health Cites Experience selecting in TenEleven EHR

(Buffalo, NY) Essex County Mental Health Services (the County) is a NYS OMH licensed outpatient mental health clinic that serves over 500 individuals within the County of Essex in Upstate New York.  Given the changing payment landscape for mental health service providers, the County issued an RFP in 2016 looking for an electronic health record […]

Ensure your First Time Claim Acceptance Rate is above 95%

Submitting claims to insurance companies is your agency asking for money – getting the claim accepted is your agency getting paid.  The percentage of claims that are accepted by insurance companies for payment the first time is your First Time Claim Acceptance Rate. It is important that behavioral healthcare agencies measure and monitor the percentage of […]

Key Behavioral Health Outcomes Measures You Should Be Tracking

If you want to succeed in the Behavioral Healthcare business you need to be turning toward a data driven analytical approach to your decision making if you aren’t already.  The introduction of Managed Care has solidified the need for agencies to track, report, and improve on key metrics in order to justify the amount you […]