3 tips for improving your patient collaborative documentation

Of the many best practices flooding into the field of behavioral health, collaborative documentation is an approach which can easily get overlooked by agencies focused on clinical documentation improvement. This is unfortunate as it’s an approach which can lend itself in surprising ways for engagement of clients and effective/efficient recording of service delivery. Since a common place […]

TCOM & CANS Founder John Lyons Says – “Do the right thing!”

We just finished the 5th annual user conference, now known as TenEleven CONNECT, and among the many highlights there is one in particular I have found myself talking about the past few days to friends and family and anyone who will listen. To get things started on Day 1 the conference keynote speaker Dr. John Lyons, […]

TenEleven on the BHIT Pre-Qualified Vendor List for HCBS Providers

As the behavioral healthcare industry transitions to managed care, New York State has provided funding resources through the Behavioral Health Information Technology (BH-IT) grant to assist providers who have been approved to offer Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). In order for agencies providing Home and Community Based Services to participate in the transition to managed care […]

Measure Goals and Objectives With Data-Informed Treatment Planning

The following is an excerpt from the White Paper “The 6-Sigma Clinician.”  The full White Paper can be downloaded here. Measurable Goals and Objectives A few uses of data in clinical practice involve the tracking of diagnoses and symptoms, tracking the status of goals and objectives against target dates, utilization management, and individual client outcomes. Continual […]

For Behavioral Health EHR’s, solve the problem then write the code

Following a business process approach to implementing an EHR for behavioral health agencies includes taking the right approach to software development. In order to write the code… At my first couple of jobs as a developer, my mentors were both smokers.  Most times, I would go out with them for discussions.  Every time we went […]

Reporting Outcomes | Business Drives & Technology Enables

The following is an excerpt from the White Paper “Reports Don’t Improve Outcomes!”  The Behavioral Health Landscape Wisdom is necessary in Behavioral Health because reports don’t improve outcomes in and of themselves, the best services do. The current mandate on Behavioral Health agencies is to report outcomes. The call is out for treatment providers to […]

Progress Notes and Bank Checks Have More in Common Than You Think

What happens when you combine old banking terminology and a community based behavioral health treatment organization? You get “Progress Note Float!” Last year I was talking with TenEleven customer Community Alternatives, Inc. (CAI) (a community based BHRS provider) about what was making his new mobile program so successful, and our discussion centered on how their solution had […]

Trauma Informed Care is More Than Trauma Focused Treatment

Trauma Informed Care. It’s everywhere. It’s a webinar invite in your inbox. It’s a session track at NATCON. It’s the headline of your industry magazine. But what it is really? It’s more than just practicing a single trauma focused treatment model. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) an agency that […]

See the Return on Investment with Trauma Informed Care Software

Since we launched the Treatment Wizard™ for Trauma Informed Care at the beginning of February this year, I have talked with countless agencies about their experiences implementing Trauma Informed Care. Once we have finished talking about the challenges associated with getting enterprise-wide consistency for comprehensive trauma assessments, standardizing program referrals based on those assessments, and creating agency-wide […]